Artist Book     |     2019

If God Says so,

If God Says so, is a testament that offers the reader a transparent look into Eugene’s ideological structure beneath his art practice.

A fusion of the viewing experience from his installation works, and the ideology impact from various sources that formed the artist’s foundation to exhale his seemingly endless agony as a flawed human being. If God Says so, blends the exceeding disorder that happened in the pursuit of “universal structure” into sketches that doubled, and tripled the question of “being”: as one, and as everything.

Photobook     |     2017

The Plantation Guide

The Plantation Guide is a compiled collection of objects around our life which are easily neglect by people. Although these objects can be seen everywhere, it seems that nobody knows the authors nor the meaning of existence of these objects. I photographed them and classified them into a guide, just like the anonymity of these objects did: outputting things that maybe only themselves know the correct usage of it.