Installation     |    2019    

Behind beebo; Before me

Behind beebo; Before me is a performance-situated installation that investigates the multisensory experiences that interflow and transit between individuals in the state of synesthesia. The project is a further exploration of Lee’s previous project, Simulation Room: beebo (2019).

By exploring the idea of sound performance and multi-functional art, this project aims to create a safe space for the viewer whom willing to enter and experience a “self-to-self” multisensory work.

Installation     |    2019    

Zamboni Drift (A side & B side)

Zamboni Drift (A side & B side) is an exploration about the neurological of imagery and the foundation of scale that shift our sense toward “living.” Transmitting a live stream view of my bedroom onto the projector mounted on a Roomba, offsetting the camera obscura of the street view with the reenactment of mopping the floor, I am searching for archetypes that not only construct the space for “both and neither”, but also the understanding of oneself through daily routine. 

Discovering process through process,  and the array of imagery transformation within time and space, I decompress the recurrence scene of everydayness to figure out how to “live.” 

Installation     |     2019

Simulation Room: beebo

Simulation Room: beebo is a video installation project focusing on the alternative narration about loss and how the vacancy of one’s voice can shift the context. I used found footage and audio from four different incidents about inevitable failure to examine one’s experience of loss in various anchor points:

The non-pilot who stole the plane crashed himself after he completed complex aerobatic moves told the traffic controller he never wants to hurt anyone.

The artist who disappeared in the sea never had a radio communication to speak for himself.

The story of a bus driver ran away from the daily mundane becomes the trope for pepsi-cola’s commercial. 

A speechless orca carried her dead calf was describe as a journey of grieving.

Installation     |     2018

Splitting as a Daily Practice

Splitting as a Daily Practice is a single-channel video installation. 

The fleeting light that occurs in the living room was caputred as a carrier of time, mixed and collaged with personal imagery. The projection is intend to resituate the spacial experience and the duration of an afternoon where the traffic light reflects into artist’s living space.