Splitting as a 

Daily Practice      

Splitting as a Daily Practice is a multimedia trilogy started in 2017. Beginning with the practice of expanding spatial sensation and exploring the elusiveness of light; intercutting and teleporting situations from the clashes of mundane matters to the avenues of emotional turning point, Lee manifests the question of “What use is art?” onto structures he sampled from daily phenomena. From dawn to dusk, from here and there, Splitting as a Daily Practice offers various synecdoche of everydayness that intertwined all together: as one, and as everything.

Zamboni Drift (A Side & B Side)

Simulation Room: beebo

Splitting as a Daily Practice



“The Plantation Guide” is a compiled collection of objects around our life which are easily neglect by people. Although these objects can be seen everywhere, it seems that nobody knows the authors nor the meaning of existence of these objects. I photographed them and classified them into a guide, just like the anonymity of these objects did: outputting things that maybe only themselves know the correct usage of it.

How do you perceive the idea of a forest?